Berlin Craft Beer Resources

How can I find out where to drink craft in Berlin?

Trying to find a place to throw back a few craft beers while staying in Berlin? Below you’ll find my picks for the best resources for finding you’re perfect spot!

Berlin Craft Beer Locations Map

This map is an incredible way to see most of the craft beer ecosystem laid out in front of you. The map has been maintained and updated since 2008, and contains a colour coded system to help you work out what you’re looking at:

Yellow is for shops that might sell some craft beer to take away.

Blue is for bars that also sell craft beer.

Red is for craft breweries.


Something important to remember is that craft beer in Germany does not only mean ‘modern’ beer styles, but also traditional German styles made on a smaller scale. So expect to find a few brewpubs brewing up some delicious, less-filtered pilsners. If you’re only after IIPAs and the like then double check before heading out.

Grab some friends and go exploring together!

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